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Full Time Position Working For CB Commercial Plumbing 
Job Desciption 
General Responsibilities 
Key responsibilities of the job 
Job Tile : Plumber ( General)
Work Location : Sydney 
Employment :Full - Time 
General Responsibilities of the Job 
As a Plumber ,you will be :
  • reading the drawings and specifications ,prepering work cost estimating ,installing maintaining and repairing plumbing systems and related equipment for water supply ,gas ,drainage,sewerage,heating,cooling,and ventilation systems.
  • coordinating,executing,maintaining,reparing and installing all types of plumbing equipment ,domestic water systems ,sewer systems , ,and related devices.
  • performing preventative maintenace programs ,inspections and repairs and responding to emergency plumbing calls 

Key Responsibilities of the Job 


Your key responsibilities will include but not be limited to :


  • Reviewing building codes and specifications to determine work details and procedures and studying blueprints and other drawings to determine the layout of plumbing systems and materials/toolsrequired
  • studying building plans and inspections structures to acess material and equipment needs,to establish the squence of pipe instalations and plan instalation around obstructions such as electrical wiring.
  • Preparing written work cost estimates and negotiate small contracts 
  • Installing hot and cold -water systems,including fire hydrants,hose reels,sprinkler systems and other systems.
  • Designing,installing and reparing sanitary plumbing and water supply systems and sanitary fixture,boilers,pumps,water tanks,water heaters,fixtures such as toilets,wash basinsand industrial processing units.
  • Fabricating and installing soil and waste stacks
  • Instaling gas appliances ,flues and pressure regulating devices.
  • Fabricating and installing metal roofing ,rainwater goods and flashing .
  • measuring ,cutting threading and bending pipe to required angle,using hand and power tools or machines such as pipe cutters ,pipe threading machines,and pipe bending machines 
  • recommending repair needs to potentially eliminate ongoing and future repairs.
  • clearing away debris an a renovation project .
  • usining specialized techniques,equipment,or material , such as performing computer assited welding of small pipes,or working with the special piping used in microchip fabrication 
  • Adhering to current rules and regulations related to plumbing so that systems pass inspections the first time.






Simon Bridge 

Director CB Commercial Plumbing